A big congratulations to Cochran for winning this seasons Survivor.  He played a brilliant game and deserved to win

Really enjoyed this season and thought it was one of the best in a while.

Also enjoyed watching the Ponderosa Web Videos.  Gives you a nice insight of the jury players once they are voted off.

Had a great night watching the finale and reunion show with my wife and daughter.   My daughter (shes 12) is becoming a super fan like me (I still remember watching one of the last episodes of Season 1 in the Hospital when she was born).  I have never missed an episode, and don’t plan on missing one going forward (except when I am actually on the island).

Will be submitting my next audition video soon (along with one for the Amazing Race)

Time to get back to work, but will write some more soon


PS – Glad to see that Boston will be playing at the Boston Strong Concert in MA on May 30th.  Looks like a nice lineup and hopefully they can raise a bunch of money.


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