We are all a bunch of suckers

I have come to realize that the majority of people are just a bunch of suckers,  believing that the more somebody is paid, or the more expensive something is, the better it must be.   The corporations and people who have figured this out must go to be laughing as they take your (and to be fair my) money.

How else to explain why people will continue to by overpriced products and services like a bunch of drowns.   Add to this that most people are also hypocritical and you can see why we have become such a bunch of complainers

Thought about this with regard to the NFL replacement referees, the new American Idol Judges, and a bottle of wine

Sports fans cant wait to complain how bad the replacement referees have been.  Have they made some bad calls, of course, but nothing worse then the regular referees have made in the past.  But the replacement referees make less then the real referees, so they must be worse.  Bring back the real referees they cry, and pay them what they deserve.  But once they settle (and they will with the real referees making lots more money) the first time a real referee makes a bad call, people will scream that they suck, and anybody could be a referee.  But who really looses here.  The fans of course because it will not be the owners who pick up the additional cost.  It will be added to the price of tickets and merchandise.  So we all pay more for the same product.

American Idol just gave Nikki Manaj a 15 million dollar contract.  That along with Mirah Cares 17 million, Keith Urbans millions and now we are all supposed to flock to our TVs to watch.   The show has been on for 12 years, (and I have watched most of it).  Not because of how much they paid the Judges, but because the show was entertaining on its own.  They could get 3 low level musicians / music producers as judges and it would be the same.  Again, who is the loser here.  The fans again.  Those high salary’s will need to be paid, (and not by the Corporation). That means lots more commercials, and more product pushing (which people will complain about).

A good bottle of wine can cost anywhere from $10.00 to a few hundred dollars.   Again, you can get a good bottle of wine for around $10.00.  But for most people, $10.00 represents cheap, and cannot be as good as a $100.00 bottle.   The smarts ones buy the bottle of wine they like (regardless of price).  The suckers by the more expensive bottle of wine (even if they don’t like it) because it makes them feel better.   The corporations know this, so they slap higher prices on a few of their wines to make a some quick money.

Just some random thought today.

With the Mets failing off the side of a cliff (I think Terry Collins needs to go), its time to move to Football.   In the pros, the Giants got a good win on Sunday against the Bucs, and in college, Lehigh looks to improve to 4 – 0 this Saturday night against Liberty

Sorry I haven’t written more lately.   With Survivor starting again tomorrow and the Amazing Race in a few weeks, be sure to check back to see what Average Andy has to say

I have really enjoyed Big Brother this season, although I wish Mike Boogie would have made it farther (Still one of the best players from all Real Reality shows)

Stay Gold Pony Boy



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