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NBC and the Olympics – I enjoy watching the Olympics but wish NBC would cover it more as a sporting event than a entertainment story.   These are real athletes competing at the top of their sport.   NBC seems to trivialize this, and also tries to shape the competition in a way to benefit themselves.  The true beauty of sports is its randomness and that cant be changed.   A lot of NBC’s coverage has been anti climatic since most people already now who won.  There was no reason not to show the Men’s 100m race live at 4:55 PM EST and instead wait until 11:15 PM EST to show it taped.  There was not excitement or drama as I had watched it live on-line.   Also is is just me, or does it seem that NBC’s announcers see to be broadcasting from afar.  It seems they already know the outcome of the gymnastics and swimming events.  Feels like they watched the event, then sat down and wrote out what they want to say.

Its sad because I really enjoy the Olympics, but feel NBC has taken away the charm and excitement for the mighty dollar.

Saw that NASA successfully landed a space rover on Mars.   Congratulations to them for constantly pushing the envelope toward space exportation.  We need more groups and people looking to expand and explore things rather than just thinking about how much money they can make (See NBC above)

Been watching both “The Glass House” and “Big Brother” over the summer.   Big Brother is still an entertaining way to spend a few hours a week.   It has nothing to worry about with the The Glass House which looks like another one and done show.  CBS still rules with Survivor, The Amazing Race, and Big Brother.

Be busy the past few weekends with trips to the Delaware shore, Boating and swimming in the Poconos, and an another fantastic canoe trip down the Delaware River.   Was great to have a free weekend and get some things done around the house (finally mowed my lawn, and got up on a ladder to clean my gutters)

Looking forward to seeing Boston this weekend at Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA, one of the countries largest free music festivals.   Should be a lot of fun

Looks like my Met’s are  going to fall a bit short this season.   After a nice 1st half, they came out flat after the All-Star break and were never able to recover.   Starting to look like a pattern for this team.  Will give them 1 more year (maybe they can be like the Pirates of last year, who collapsed in the 2nd half, but have held on strong this season and might make the play-0ffs)

Times up for now.  Will write more soon

Keep smiling and think your happies



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