Marillion in the USA

Marillion will be touring the USA this month for the first time in nearly 7 years.  They will be playing 2 shows at Irving Plaza in NYC and AverageAndy will be there both nights.   Tickets are still available so head on over to and grab one yourself. You willl not be disappointed

Also, for all you out there on facebook, a group has been created to try and get Marillion on the Jimmy Fallon show when they are in LA.  Sign up and like the group to help them get kn the show.  Would bd great exposure for the band and let people of the USA see that Marilion are still going strong and making great music almost 30 years after having a hit with Kayleigh

Lots of other intresting topics to discuss in the news these days.  Check back soon to read my opinoins.  Should have sime free time in the next couple of days to post

Stay Gold



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