Lehigh Mountain Hawks – Hold your Heads High

Congratulations to the Lehigh Mountain Hawks for there trilling win over Duke in the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  It was a memory that I will never forget.   Combined with the run the Football Team made in the fall, and its a great time to be a Lehigh alumni and fan.

Too bad they couldn’t continue the magical run over Xavier.    They did become the 1st 15 seed to hold a half time lead.  And they were tied with 6 minutes left.  They should be extremely proud.

As an added bonus,  I got to spend time with some fellow classmates (as well as share many facebook posts and memories about the game), making it a special weekend that will not be forgotten

Baseball season is right around the corner.    Hopefully the NY Met’s can continue AverageAndy’s good luck in sports (NY Giants Super Bowl to go with Lehigh).

I want to throw out a big Thank You to family and friends who came to celebrated a milestone birthday over the weekend.  And an extra thanks to those who made the long trip from Pittsburgh.    You are all truly amazing.

Life is Good,

Keep on smiling.



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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