Super Bowl Weekend (Lets go Big Blue)

Love watching the Giants (and football in general) but really can’t stand all the other stuff (Pre Game / Post Game, Replays, ….)  I usually turn on the TV a few minutes before kick-off, watch the game,  then turn the TV off (or switch over to 60 Minutes) once the game ends.    After the Giants big win in San Francisco, I actually dreaded the fact that there would be 7/24 coverage of the Super Bowl for 2 straight weeks.   Other then Mike Francesca’s Super Bowl Trivia contest (and a few minutes with Even and Joe on the way to work after getting my car serviced), I listened (and watched)  very little about the Super Bowl.   And you know what.  It was a great 2 weeks.   I listened to music on my way to and form work.    I caught up on shows on my DVR.   It was great to simply tune all the repetitive non-stories out and simply enjoy other things.

Planning of having a fun day on Saturday (Going Laser Tagging), before starting to get really psyched up for the game on Sunday.   Will be going to a friend house with the same group of people who have watched every playoff game (this season and in 2008).    I am actually interested in watching Madonnas halftime show.

Hopefully Big Blue can win another Championship for NJ

Then it time to start talking baseball.    Excited about the Met’s this year.   It’s so much sweeter when nobody give you a chance.   I will go on record that the Met’s will win around 90 games this year, and possibly make the play-offs    Like that the they are bringing back Banner Day this year.    Loved watching it on Channel 9 between games of a double-header.

Still waiting to hear about Survivor / The Amazing Race.   Never going to stop believing that some day AverageAndy will be a contestant and take home the prize.  Both shows are starting up again in a few weeks, looking forward to that.

Will write again soon

Keep on Smiling and think your happies



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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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