Welcome to 2012 (A week or so to late)

Hi everybody, and welcome to AverageAndy’s first new post of 2012

Sorry I havent written lately.   hopefully I will be able to update this more frequently

Fired up for the Giants / Packers game this Sunday.     I really enjoy the NFL Play-Offs as I usually get together each weekend with friends to watch the games.    With the Giants playing, it’s just that much more fun.    I give them a good chance this weekend

Also fired up for Seton Hall Basketball.    The Pirates are back in the top 25 after an 11 year absence.     Seton Hall being rated brings back great memories of when they were a solid and respectable squad in the 1990s  (and of corse the thrilling run to the Finals in 1989).

The Lehigh Engineers lost there 1st league game, but evened their conference record tonight with a solid win over American.  Looking forward to a solid season and then a Patriot League Championship

As far a Survivor / Amazing Race, all applications have been submitted, so now its just a waiting game.

Does get me a little frustrated when I follow all the rules, and submit my applications on time, only to have the deadline extended because people wait until the last-minute, and then have issues and complain the system is too busy.    It should be tough luck for them.

I also get frustrated when people don’t answer / respond to Face Book Events.  If you can’t make it, simply check no.  No hard feelings.    Would you not RSVP to a formal invite?  And if you want to wait to the last-minute to see who else is coming, well then you really don’t want to come, so again just click no.

Listening to the new Van Halen song (Tattoe) on Spottify.    I really like it.  Good to see them making a sore of comeback.  Maybe this will change the current landscape of music.   While not as bad as the 1990s when bands like Nickelback put out song after sound that was not good, and sounded all the same, the current music style needs a little pick me up.  Time to bring back Rock

Was listening to 105.5 WDHA on the way to work today, and they were talking about how bad some of these so-called reality shows (The Batchelor, Mob Wars, Housewives of …) are.   Then they started talking about classics like The Bionic Woman, Wonder Woman and Charlies Angles.    It is really sad where we have come in the past 30 years.

Well that’s enough rambling for tonight.  Hope everybody out there is doing well, and wish you all the best


PS – Got a new Kindle Fire, and just installed the WordPress App.    I will be checking it out, so hopefully this will allow me to post more frequently


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An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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