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Sorry I haven’t written much lately.   Been in kind of a funk

Here are some thoughts running through my mind this morning

Turned on the Met’s game last night (vs. the Florida Marlin’s).   There had to be may 500 people in the ball park.  This got me thinking how it can be financially feasible for team like the Marlin’s to exist.   Even with their new stadium next year (Good luck with that, will still have small crowds next year is they are 30 games out entering September).    I am waiting for some owner to figure out that he can pay his players (and this goes for all pro sports)  about 75% less and the people will still come (they may complain that the team is not trying to win, or doesn’t care about winning, but they will still come).     Look at all other industries.   People pay for cheap products that they now are junk and will fall apart.   They put up with shitty customer service.   But they keep buying and doing what they want regardless.   Why the owners of sports teams (and big entertainment companies) see not to realize this is crazy.   Are you telling me that nobody would turn on CBS and watch 2 1/2 Men this year is they had hired a lesser actor (then Auston Kuchner at ~700.000 per episode).   Good for Auston for getting this deal (and good for all athletes for there deals).    One day soon, some owner will realize this, offer to pay all players the league minimum, and still manage to put a team on the field (and probably still draw more than the Florida Marlin’s in their new stadium)

Football season starts on Sunday (hate the stupid Thursday night season opener).   Looking forward to a great season by the NY Football Giants.   With the Met’s no longer relevant,  it will give me something to be excited about.   And my Fantasy Football team is looking good this year (managed to trade Peyton Manning for a draft pick;  probably the steal of the draft)

More to com as I need to run to a meeting



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