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Saw a few good movies over the weekend.   Actually went to the theater and saw “I Am Number Four”.    Had seen a few trailers, and somebody at work had read the book,  but I tried to stay away from reviews so that I could judge it for myself (And reviewer these days give away too much).     I really enjoyed the movie.  Highly recommended for anybody looking for a good time.

At home a watched “I Love You Man” with Paul Rudd and Jason Segal (Marshal from HIMYM).    Really enjoyed this as well.  Was well done, and really portrayed people as real life individuals.   Also highly recommended

Watched American Idol Hollywood week with the family on Saturday night (Gotta love the DVR).   Have to say, it was really entertaining.  Have to give credit to the producers for going with Steven Tyler and J-Lo.  Both have been much better than I expected.    Looking forward to who makes the final 24.   Lots of good (and interesting) talent

Both Survivor ( I did apply again this year) and the Amazing Race started off with strong episodes.   Its is kind of surreal watching Survivor with my daughter (she was born during the 1st season).    She is now into it and we look forward to each Wednesday night.

The Amazing Race started off going to Australia, and it looked beautiful.   If I don’t get there as a contestant (I did apply this year with my sister, still waiting for the call back), I will defiantly take a vacation there in the future

On a sad note, want to mention the terrible earthquake that hit Christchurch New Zealand  on 02/22/11   Wishing the best to all those effected and my prayers go out to them all.   Makes my appreciate life and am thankful for my good health and well-being

Getting ready for some Baseball (Spring training games start this weekend).   Think the Mets may surprise some this year.   While I didn’t really dislike Jerry Manual, I think it was time for a change.  Hopefully Terry Collins can bring a more upbeat attitude to the team.  They have some solid players.  Just need them to gel better and play as a team.

Looking forward to a trip out to PNC Park to see the Pirates in Pittsburgh this summer.   If you get a chance check it out. A great place to watch a ball game.  And if the Pirates were ever to be good, it would be rocking

A Few more things

On my way to work this morning, was behind a 18 wheeler with snow flying off the top.  Couldn’t see more than 5 feet ahead.    Then saw a police car zip by that was covered with snow and ice as well (chunks flying off).   Didn’t stop the truck, but pulled over somebody up ahead (not sure why)    If the Police can’t obey the rules for removing snow and ice from their own cars, and aren’t going to stop trucks covered with snow blowing off them making it impossible to see, then why bother.

And finally,  saw a story of a man who lost his wallet 40 years ago in NYC (was stolen from his jacket pocket)  Somebody  found it the other day behind a wall and returned it to him.   Just a great feel good story

Well, that’s it for now.  Will try to write more soon


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