Welcome to Average Andy – Home of Average Andy

Hello to all and thanks for vistiting Average Andy

As the title suggests, I am your average guy living a average (but fun and exciting) life in the great state of New Jersey.

This site was started based on a on-line Video I submitted last year to become a contestant on the CBS Show Survivor.    I didn’t make it that time, but hopefully with your help we can spread the word and Average Andy will someday become the ultimate survivor.

Ont this site you will be able to follow me (Average Andy) as I post my thoughts on all sorts of things (including Survivor;  Really enjoying this season of Old vs. New) (Average Andy would be in the Old Tribe for all you wondering)

I will also try to post some pictures / videos of my daily life

Hopefully I will gain skills as a writer and communicator as I update this site

Stick with me and I am sure you will enjoy the ride


About AverageAndy

An average guy living a great life in New Jersey.
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