Short update

Not much new in Average Andy’s world.

Been enjoying Big Brother  (Thank good for the DVR as it has been moved to different times and different nights due to Football).   Looking forward to Survivor and Amazing Race.   All 3 CBS reality shows are still the best of all reality shows.   I did tape the 1st episode of UTOPIA but have not gotten around to watch it (and am now several episodes behind).

Tough loss for Lehigh Football in their season opener.  Was a non conference game so really has no effect as the only way the Mountain Hawks will make the play-offs is to win the Patriot League.   Tough game again this weekend against New Hampshire.

If the Mets could beat the Washington Nationals, they may have had a shot at sneaking back into the wild card race.  But they can’t so they wont.

Really enjoying the new US album (Songs of Innocence) that was given out for free on i-tunes.   U2 again showing that they play by there own rules (Much like the Grateful Dead, and Metallica).  These band are some of the most successful of all time, and ignored the corporate line by doing things differently than the rest.   I’m sure some corporate lawyer is going nuts on how much money U2 is potentially losing by giving away an album for free.   To them, all money is all that matters.  Same for the players associations for the major sports leagues.     Who cares if it makes you happy, and if its will pay off in the log run, the only thing that matters is how much you can make right now.

I say good for U2 and thank you to the band members and their management.

Lastly, RIP Richard Kiel.   Played Jaws in the James Bond Movies as well as appearing in the classic Twilight Zone episode “To Serve Man”.   He will be missed

Richard Kiel

Richard Kiel

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Quick update

Hope everybody has a great Labor Day Holiday.  The weather looks good hear in the north east, so take some time to hang with family and friends one last time and enjoy the summer.

Will be back next week with some thoughts on Sports (Pro and College Football, MLB baseball), TV (Big Brother, Survivor, The Amazing Race), Movies and Music.

Average Andy

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Baseball and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yesterday Baseball named Rob Manfred as it’s new commissioner to replace Bud Selig.    I am hoping that he brings some new and exiting views and visions for the game.   Bud Selig’s time has passed and it was time for him to go.

I think the comparison of baseball to Blockbuster (and Bennigan’s, Channel, and Rickle for those of you in New Jersey) has some merit..  All companies who were doing well, but failed to react to the changing world, and eventually went out of businesses.   And it wasn’t hard to see or hear why.   Blockbuster held on the the block and mortar concept while other companies saw that the world was moving on-line and reacted early to stay relevant.  And ask anybody about Bennigans and you heard how their restaurants reminded people of a time warp and looked like they haven’t been updated in years.  This drives people out.  There are a few restaurants near me that still have old Tube TVS in hanging wooden boxes, and red and white checkered tablecloths.  Event though the food is good, the experience feels old and stale.   My money is on them not being around much longer.   The world is changing and hopefully Rob Manfred will take steps to bring baseball into the present instead of keeping it stuck in the past. I know most people are afraid that he will simply follow in Old Man Seligs footsteps.   I’m going to optimistic rout and think that he will put his own stamp on things once he takes over in January.

I am fascinated by the ALS Ice Buck Challenge that has been making its way around the world on facebook (and now TV).   Whoever came up with the idea is brilliant.  Found something that all people regardless of income / age / race can do and feel like they are part of the solution.   Watching my parents, my sister and here family, as well as professional athletes,  politicians, actors, and CEOs of business all take part is truly amazing.   I read that ALS last year at this time had raised ~ 1 million dollars, while this year they are over 4 million and growing.   Hopefully all this generosity will eventually lead to a cure

More to write later today


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Excellent Ted Talk Video

Highly recommend you check out this Ted Talk Video

Andrew Solomon – Love No Matter What

Check this out an others on TED.   Great site for this who want to see interesting speeches on all types of subjects

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Hard to believe how fast the Summer is going

Cant believe we are already in August. Looked up and the summer is almost over. I
have been busy and haven’t had as much free time to enjoy the summer as I would have liked, but should have made time to do more

I have seen a few movies (Planet of the Apes was the worst movie I have seen, but in a strange way I actually liked it). Also saw LUCY which I really enjoyed. Stranger then I though it would be, and the ending was a little silly, but the 1st half was very interesting and entertaining

I did have a great weekend with my sister and her family who visited from Virginia. We spent one day taking a tour and walking around Lehigh University (We are both graduates, and have kids nearing college – Where has the time gone). We then headed into New York City where we took a double-decker bus tour of lower Manhattan. Got to see the Naked Cowboy in times Square, the Freedom Tower (and the World Trade Center Memorial), take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry (great views of the Statue of Liberty, and the Financial Distract). We tried to climb the giant stairs in Times Square (Where The Amazing Race started this upcoming season), but there was some sore of photo shoot going on, and it was mobbed. Finally we tried to take the kids to dinner at the hard Rock Cafe, but was over an hour wait. My brother-in-law saved the day by suggesting we head to Maplewood, NJ (Where Average Andy and his sister grew up) and take a short tour and then head to town and grab some pizza at the Roman Gourmet (still there and still some of the best pizza in the state).

As for other things, still enjoying Big Brother. every season the show hooks me in. Just the right mix of fun / stupidity / reality TV.

I just got caught up with “The Leftovers” on HBO. I am actually really enjoying the show (even though not much is happening). They have created a weird and interesting show about people and how they would react.

Find myself strangely liking “The Last Ship” on TNT. Though about this, and it is basically Star Trek on a boat in 2014. Really like the captain, the 1st officer, and the doctor, (Kirk / Spock / McCoy) but not sure if the rest of the cast is interesting enough (like Sulu / Uhura / Chekov). Will continue to watch for now as it has kept me interested enough

Will write a review of the latest book I am reading (Promise of a Pencil). Very interesting and a good read. Head about it when listening to the The James Altucher Show podcast. Great listen (both daily and weekly). James has a really interesting perspective on the world. Highly recommend you take a listen

I have updated my favorites tab with links to this an other Pod Casts / Sites / Videos that I and listening / watching and hope you check some of them out

Finally, been brainstorming the past week or so on ideas for my audition videos for both “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” and hope to get them done and submitted. May need to wait for some upcoming events like the nest Non-Sport Update Card show to capture some video of my doing things I enjoy to really show case myself.

That’s if for now. Hope everybody is happy and healthy and will talk soon


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Give credit where credit is due

Just a quick post to give the NY Mets some credit by sweeping the Miami Marlins over the weekend.   Things were set up for them to loos the 3 games like that have the past  few years to start a spiral downward after the All-Star break.   But they showed some heart and soul (- including a Huey Lewis and the News concert) and maybe they will make me at least have to watch some games in August / September.

Also – 29 Years ago, my Dad was able so score some tickets to the Baseball All-Star Game at the old Metrodome in Minnesota.   We flew out for the game and it is still one of my fondest memories.  Thanks Dad



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Friday in July

Hope everybody is enjoying the summer.

Not much on my mind today.   Getting ready to head down to Delaware for a few days.  Will be good to get a way and refresh my batteries.

Will give you a quick 1 liner for some things

TV – Big Brother – Still enjoy watching every summer

Sports – NY Mets – Continue to tease – Watch them loose 2 of 3 to the Marlins this weekend and the spiral again after the All-Star Break

Movies – Enjoyed “Edge of Tomorrow”,  will be going to see “Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes” – Hope its OK (didn’t really like the last one)

Books – Almost done with “Poseidon’s Arrow” – Another great Dirk Pitt adventure

Music – Enjoyed seeing Boston a few weeks  back.  Always put on a great show – Felt sad for Cheap Trick, seemed a bit  demeaning to be an opening band

Going to try and start taking some more pictures.    Might have to but a full subscription to Drop Box, or come up with someway else to save all the pictures on my i-phone.   Getting tired of having to delete pictures / videos / music every few days since I am low on space

Have watched some of the World Cup matches – not the biggest soccer fan, but do enjoy the games and find them entertaining.    Hope to catch some of the final game on Sunday if I get home in time.

See that there will be open auditions for “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” in Atlantic City in a few weeks.    Have plans so cant make it for Survivor  (plans can always change).   May need to make the trip for the Amazing Race.   Will let you know how things work out.  See there are some preview videos for the upcoming season.   As I have mentioned previously, I try to avoid all the on-line chatter as I want to be surprised as I watch the show.   This goes for movies and books as well.    I know this is the world we live in, but sometimes it get really annoying.   Everybody wants to be 1st to tell you something and don’t really  care if   they ruin your enjoyment.

One last thing – Wouldn’t it be great if some of these NBA owners grew some balls and said to LaBron and Carmello and others – “Here is our offer – Take it now of take a hike”  and then mean it.    Would be refreshing for a team to get a bunch of players who want to play for a team because they enjoy the city / area and not just who ever gives them the most money.   Never going to happen, partially because sports teams (and most fans) have to much of a entertainment 1st, winning doesn’t really matter attitude.   Get the big stars, get on ESPN, get on talk radio, get on and nothing else matters.   Will be real interesting to see how this generation remembers these players 20 years from now?   Will it be “He was one of the greatest (never won anything, but who cares)”, or will it be “What a waste of talent (and time and money)”

Enjoy life, and keep on smiling


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