Give credit where credit is due

Just a quick post to give the NY Mets some credit by sweeping the Miami Marlins over the weekend.   Things were set up for them to loos the 3 games like that have the past  few years to start a spiral downward after the All-Star break.   But they showed some heart and soul (- including a Huey Lewis and the News concert) and maybe they will make me at least have to watch some games in August / September.

Also – 29 Years ago, my Dad was able so score some tickets to the Baseball All-Star Game at the old Metrodome in Minnesota.   We flew out for the game and it is still one of my fondest memories.  Thanks Dad



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Friday in July

Hope everybody is enjoying the summer.

Not much on my mind today.   Getting ready to head down to Delaware for a few days.  Will be good to get a way and refresh my batteries.

Will give you a quick 1 liner for some things

TV – Big Brother – Still enjoy watching every summer

Sports – NY Mets – Continue to tease – Watch them loose 2 of 3 to the Marlins this weekend and the spiral again after the All-Star Break

Movies – Enjoyed “Edge of Tomorrow”,  will be going to see “Dawn Of The Planet of the Apes” – Hope its OK (didn’t really like the last one)

Books – Almost done with “Poseidon’s Arrow” – Another great Dirk Pitt adventure

Music – Enjoyed seeing Boston a few weeks  back.  Always put on a great show – Felt sad for Cheap Trick, seemed a bit  demeaning to be an opening band

Going to try and start taking some more pictures.    Might have to but a full subscription to Drop Box, or come up with someway else to save all the pictures on my i-phone.   Getting tired of having to delete pictures / videos / music every few days since I am low on space

Have watched some of the World Cup matches – not the biggest soccer fan, but do enjoy the games and find them entertaining.    Hope to catch some of the final game on Sunday if I get home in time.

See that there will be open auditions for “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” in Atlantic City in a few weeks.    Have plans so cant make it for Survivor  (plans can always change).   May need to make the trip for the Amazing Race.   Will let you know how things work out.  See there are some preview videos for the upcoming season.   As I have mentioned previously, I try to avoid all the on-line chatter as I want to be surprised as I watch the show.   This goes for movies and books as well.    I know this is the world we live in, but sometimes it get really annoying.   Everybody wants to be 1st to tell you something and don’t really  care if   they ruin your enjoyment.

One last thing – Wouldn’t it be great if some of these NBA owners grew some balls and said to LaBron and Carmello and others – “Here is our offer – Take it now of take a hike”  and then mean it.    Would be refreshing for a team to get a bunch of players who want to play for a team because they enjoy the city / area and not just who ever gives them the most money.   Never going to happen, partially because sports teams (and most fans) have to much of a entertainment 1st, winning doesn’t really matter attitude.   Get the big stars, get on ESPN, get on talk radio, get on and nothing else matters.   Will be real interesting to see how this generation remembers these players 20 years from now?   Will it be “He was one of the greatest (never won anything, but who cares)”, or will it be “What a waste of talent (and time and money)”

Enjoy life, and keep on smiling


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Quick Update – More to come

Just a quick Hello and to let everybody know that Average Andy is alive and well.  Been a busy few weeks; having  a fun summer and enjoying the weather here in New Jersey.

Plan on writing a update on Thursday or Friday when I have some free time

Hope everybody is doing well

Leave you with something that made me laugh, just because its funny.

Dumb and Dumber to

Dumb and Dumber to



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Friday Afternoon

Writing at the end of another week.   Weather has been awesome, and suppose to be nice throughout the weekend.   Hopefully will be able to get some house work / lawn work done.  Also will be watching the Belmont Stakes on Saturday and rooting for California Chrome to win the race and the Triple Crown

Still kicking myself for not making it to Times Square in NYC last week for the live start of “The Amazing Race”.   Phil Keoghan set the teams off on the race at 3:00 AM EST.   Would have been a long night, but should have sucked it up and went.  Did follow along with the twitter feed (   People posted some cool pictures and videos.    Next time they do something like this I promise to be there.

Don’t know why I care so much, but am really pissed at the Met’s loosing 3 games in row to the Cubs.  The Met’s continue to tease everybody into thinking they are a contending team.  I am now longer fooled.   I say  (and have said before) that they should trade David Wright.   He does nothing to make the team better.   Trading him will give the team an new feel and new direction that is sorely needed.   And if you have no intention of keeping Terry Collins next year, let him go now.   I have read that it does nobody any good to keep somebody in a position if you really don’t want them.

Still working on my next Survivor audition video.   Going to try something a little different this time.  Feeling good this time – Everybody wish me luck.   I try to avoid all social media relating to both “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” as far as spoilers and behind the scenes stuff.   In the past when I have seen stuff as far as who gets voted off, or who is in the final 3, it really ruins the whole viewing experience.  So makes things hard as I want to feel connected to the shows, and keep up with the world of social media, but don’t want the experience and surprise ruined.

Completed “Let the Devil Sleep” by John Verdon ( and really enjoyed it.   Looking forward to the next book in the Dave Gurney series – “Peter Pan must Die” which will be released in July.

My next book is the latest Dirk Pitt Adventure “Possidon’s Arrow”   Have read all of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt novels, and enjoyed them all.   Each new book feels like reconnecting with old friends.   Still have a few other books I want to read.  Hopefully will be able to find some time this summer to simply sit back, relax and read.

Hoping to see the new Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” in the next week – Hopefully in IMAX 3D.   Will give you a review as soon as I can.   In other movie news, I am in the same boat with the new Star Wars movie as mentioned above with regards to social media.  Want to keep up on all that’s going on with the making of the 1st new Star Wars movie in years (I am a huge fan of the original trilogy, as are most mid age men) and want to keep up with the making of the new movie.  But I want to be surprised when it is release next year and not already know every thing about the story.   I do like J.J. Abrams work (was a big fan of Alias;  not such a big fan of the Star Trek Movies).  I will give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that he understands the feel of the original Star Wars trilogy, and doesn’t try to put a crazy new spin on things).  Sometimes old is better and there is now real reason to change an already great group of characters / story.

Finally,  had to purchase a limited addition 25th anniversary set of  “Major League” trading cards from TOPPS ( Still one of the all time best Baseball movies.  TOPPS has also released autograph cards for these, but the price range is out of my league for now.   Between this and the autograph Bad News Bears Cards that Panini put out last year, there are some nice cards that I would like to own one day (Will defiantly be mine once I win the title of sole survivor and the million dollar prize)

Well – that’s it for today.   Will write soon

Enjoy life and family and friends

Average Andy




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Have a great Memorial Day Holiday

Hard to believe its memorial day and the ‘official’ start of summer.   Still doesn’t feel that way after the crazy winter we had hear in the north east.   Hopefully the weather finally stays warm for weeks on end.

Was very happy with Dave and Conner winning “The Amazing Race” this season.  While I’m not the biggest fan of All-Star seasons, this one was quite enjoyable.    Always fun to see where team go, and get a different perspective of places and countries than what you normally see in the news.   Already looking forward to next season (CBS has moved “The Amazing Race” to Fridays.   I guess its good since it will no longer be delayed by Football.   Still It was a very enjoyable way to end the week.  I have my DVR set, so maybe I will  just wait until Sunday to watch it anyway.

Don’t want to spent much time on the whole Donald Sterling issue other to say that I really respect Mark Cuban and his opinions.  I have followed him for a long time, and actually had him as a person I would like to be stranded on a deserted island with on one of my Survivor applications (back when when you had to fill out a actual form and sent it in with a CD of your video).

Went back to my 25th College Reunion (Lehigh) last weekend and had a good time hanging out with friends I haven’t seen in a while.    While not everybody attended or enjoyed the college experience, if you did, I would recommend you go back to a reunion if you have the chance.

Also met some fellow co-workers for dinner last night.  Again it was great to see some old friends and catch up on each others lives.

Will try to take some pictures this holiday weekend and will post them next week.  Also hoping to finish the latest book I am reading an will post a review next week as well.

Until then,  enjoy life, reach out to old friends, and be well



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Another great season of Survivor

Congratulations to Tony Vlachos for winning this season of Survivor  (And props for him being from the great state of New Jersey)

I really enjoyed this season.  Was the 1st season in a while where most of the contestants were average people with a passion for the game.  They really wanted to be there and to win the 1 Million Dollars (In the past there have been a bunch of contestants who seem more interested in being on TV, or trying to advance a career).   Was very refreshing to see somebody like Sara actually break down and cry when she was voted off.    And loved how Spencer basically said it was a disappointment not getting to the finals.

Not sure how I would feel getting voted off before the final, (or similarly not making it to the final leg of the Amazing Race).   Would I be happy for the opportunity,  or bitter for not completing my dream.   Hopefully I will have the opportunity one day to see.  Working on my next audition video and will submit it soon for consideration.

I actually enjoyed the way CBS  handled the live finally this time, with Jeff Probst giving some live behind the scene shots during the 2 hour finally.   As for the show, like the final 2 instead of the final 3.  Gives the players some extra strategy decisions.

I am hoping they bring back the walk of remembrance in future episodes.   Like the reflection the finalist give to past players.  Also gives me a chance to remember some of the players a little better then simply seeing them at the reunion

All and all, another fine job by CBS, Jeff Probst, Mark Burnett, and all involve in making Survivor the king of all reality shows

Now to the NY Mets.  What a tough team to read.  They get good starting pitching, and look good for a few days, but in reality they are not a good team.  They are one of the worst hitting teams of all time.   An it seems that when ever somebody does hit, dopey Terry Collins sits him to get players like Bobby Abreau or Wilmur Flores some at bats.  Stop already.   Put your best players out there and let them play.  As far as the outfield, I know they paid Chris Young a bunch, and promised him at bats, but he is the odd man out and needs to be treated that way.  Play Eric Young Jr, Jaun Lagares and Curtis Granderson every day and see what happens.

Will write more tomorrow as we get ready for Memorial Day and the start of summer








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Back from Vacation

Had a great week in Hilton Head Island.  It was nice to just get a way for a bit.  Weather was good so was able to run a 5K, bike along the beach, and swim in the pools.  Also took a day trip to South Beach and climbed the lighthouse.

Harbor Town Lighthouse

Harbor Town Lighthouse

While in South Beach, saw these parrots who have been there for as long as I can remember.

South Beach Parrots

South Beach Parrots

Also saw these Stan Smith Sneakers (A favorite of Average Andy) that were actually autographed by Stan Smith

Autograph Stan Smiths

Autograph Stan Smiths

But now I’m back in NJ and back at work

I tried reading “The GoldFinch” but could not get into it (one of the few books where it just did not make any sense).  Gave up after the 1st few chapters, and switched to “The The Devil Sleep”, the 3rd Dave Gurney book by John Verdon.  Really enjoyed the 1st 2 and this one is just a s good.  Hope to finish it soon

The Met’s are playing some good ball to start the season.   Hopefully they can stick around for a while as not team (other than the Milwaukee Brewers) are trying to run away and hide.   Terry Collins still drives me crazy with his wishy washy comments – Wish he would just make up his mind and stick with it.

Still loving both Survivor and The Amazing Race.   Looks like the next few episodes of Survivor will be crazy (love the new super power idol – could really be a game changer).  I think I am rooting for Tony to win.   I also enjoy watching the Ponderosa Videos each week after somebody gets voted off.   Gives another perspective of the game that I find interesting

Heading to the Philly Card Show this weekend in Allentown.   Always a great time to see fellow collectors and what cards are out there.   Hopefully I can pick up a few things I need.  Did see that Topps will be releasing a Start Wars themes Wacky Package set in the fall.  This looks interesting so may need buy a few packs and check it out

Speaking of Star Wars – Happy to see that the original cast will be reuniting for the new Star Wars Movie that comes out next year.    Very interested to see what J.J. Abrams does with this.   I really likes Alias, but was not a fan of the new Star Trek movies.  Hopefully he takes the feel of the Original Trilogy (Episodes IV, V, VI) and not the childish and over CGI’d feel of the new Trilogy (I, II, III).  I am sure there will be tons of rumors, information, plots, etc. thrown out over the next year.  Will do my best to avoid any major news or spoilers.

More to come next week





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