Hope everybody is doing well

Finally got a chance to see Interstellar, and really, really liked it.  Was one of the best movies I have seen in a while.   Saw it in a AMC Dinner Theater on a 4K Digital screen and the picture and sound were top notch.   Was a really well made movie made me appreciate the skill and talent of today’s filmmakers.   I have enjoyed most of Christopher Nolan’s other movies (except the Batman Trilogy which for some reason just doesn’t do it for me)

It refreshing to see a movie that combines CGI and special effects with a thoughtful story in a respectful manner  instead of crazy car chases and massive shootouts.   This was kind of like Gravity (which I also enjoyed) but with a little more or a full story.   I also like the way Christopher Nolan uses time theory.   Made it both believable and thought provoking at the same time.  Highly recommended for both a good time at the movies, and a good study of filmmaking techniques

Received my annual Christmas CD from Marillion for being a member of the Web UK (Marillions Fan Club).   This year it was a 2 CD Set of one of the 2014 show in Chile as part of the Best Sounds Latin America Tour.    A big thanks to the Band for giving something back to the fans each year.   Wishing them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Only one more episode of this season of Serial – the podcast about a murder in Baltimore in 1999.  Cant wait to see where this is left off.   Also happy that they will be back with a new story next year.    Check it out at

Only a few more episodes of both Homeland and The Affair.  Both have been really good this season and kept me on the edge of my seat.   Cant wait to see how they end.

I was thrilled to see that dope Jon voted off in Survivor.   He just rubbed me the wrong way.    Seemed to think that the game owed him the 1 Million Dollar prize.   He seem to disrespect everybody else in a way that made him seem condescending.  There is a difference between that and simply being a jerk.  Russell Hantz was a jerk.  But he know it and didn’t care.  In my opinion I can respect this more than Jon.

Jon getting voted off also made me want to get on the show that much more to see if you really could trust people that much that you know want to win as much as you and will do whatever it takes.   Rooting for Keith to win it all and become the next Survivor.    Will write more after next week’s finale with my take on the winner and this season

And finally, here is one of my favorite ice cream treats

King Cone

Much better than any other Good Humor bars like the Chocolate Eclair or Strawberry shortcake.   May have to pick one up over the weekend

Those on the east coast stay warm

Average Andy Out

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Moving right along

Hard to believe we are already 1 week into December.   Been a crazy but fun year and looking forward to the Christmas / New Years Holidays.   These few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can drag a bit as everybody scrambles to finish things they need to get done.

Not much new going on.  Very strange with both the NY Giants and NY Jets totally eliminated from the play-offs with 1/4 of the season left.   In the past, I always had fun going through all the different scenarios of what needed to happen for the Giants to make the play-offs.  Even when they fell short the past few years, they were technically alive until the last 1 or 2 weeks.   Will be interesting to see what direction management takes going forward.   Not much to do but wait and see.

I have seen the new trailers for both Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens, and Terminator Genysis since it was impossible to ignore.   It’s becoming harder and harder to actually wait for a movie to premier in the theaters without being spoiled.   I will try my best to avoid reading all the posts and blogs and stories on these and other movies so that I can enjoy the experience and surprise.

Also crazy on all the negativity that seem to be out there now regarding anything (TV / Movies / Music).   Why can’t people enjoy anything anymore.    Everybody has their idea and view, and if things aren’t exactly what they want, then it sucks.   Enough – just sit back, relax, and enjoy things and I promise you will feel much better

Looking forward to the last few episodes of both Homeland and The Affair.   Showtime has 2 excellent shows which helps make my Comcast Triple Play package worth it.  Since my only options seem to be basic cable (no Movies / Sports / Music channels) for 1 cost , or everything (HBO / Showtime / Cinemax / MLB / NFL / Tennis) for a higher cost, at least there are some things that help to take the sting away

Finished the latest Dave Gurney book (#4 Peter Pan must Die).   Really enjoy these books.  Besides the interesting stories, the books take place in upstate NY, and since I am familiar with the area, gives them a more realistic feel.   Looking forward to the next one.    Picked up the latest Dan Brown novel “Inverno” while at my parents over Thanksgiving.   So far so good.  Hoping to find more time to read over the holidays and into next year

Hopefully will be able to write some more here before 2015



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Day off

Have a day off from work as I have to use some vacation days before the end of the year or lose them. I’m probably like most people who look up an realize there are only so many days left in 2014 and wonder were the year went. I did take a vacation early in the year (lovely week in Hilton Head Island), but other than that have been at work practically every day. So now I am scrambling to use up the days I have accrued. Next year I plan on taking a few days in the spring and summer and doing some fun things with the family. Trips to the beach or an amusement park instead of work seem like a great idea.

Giants showed that they really are not that good. Been pretty bad the past 2 years and it may be time for a change. Would not trade he past few seasons for the 2 Super Bowl victories, and would still take Eli Manning over most other QBs in the league, but think it’s time to break things down and start over.

See that the Florida Marlins are about to give Geo Carlo Stanton a absolutely insane and idiotic 13 year 375 million dollar contract. I believe that this will be a big mistake for them as well as baseball. All players are already overpaid and this is just ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. I believe players should get paid but not at these amounts. Florida will still struggle and then trade him in 2 years (probably to the desperate NY Mets).

My problem is that the players are never held responsible for when they and their teams do bad. In the “real” world, people get fired and lose jobs when there business does bad or when they constantly under preform. In sports the players rarely get any blame. In fact they get unjustly rewarded. Would be if a car salesman gets hired and is awful. Then after 2 years of not even selling a single car, sells one and runs to the boss and asks for a raise and the boss says sure and how about we make you part owner as well.

Writing this from my phone while sitting at Starbucks. Got to love technology.

Will write some more in the days to come


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Its beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

Got our 1st snow of the season last night.   Was driving home from work and noticed the rain turning to sleet and then to snow.   By the time I got home, had close to an inch on ground.

Had a discussion with my daughter as to what we feel when we see snow.  I feel both peacefulness and stress at the same time.   To my Daugher, she said dull and dreary as well as happiness.   Thinking about this, I realized the power snow has.  This may be partly based on living in the North East (NY City area).  We get snow, but not like places North like Buffalo or Minnesota where show is common and probably doesn’t affect people as much, or places South where cities are basically shut down for a few inches.  Here we just have to deal with longer travel times,  shoveling driveways, and the occasional loss of power.   Nothing drastic, but enough to just make me a bit uneasy.

On the bright side, it was a lovely day to day and for some reason there was no one on the roads.  Got to work early and was able to take a nice walk around the park that is behind our building.  Here is a video I shot using the time lapse feature on my phone

Speaking of videos,  I have submitted another Survivor Audition Video.    Will see if this is finally the year for AverageAndy to get his shot at being a contestant.     Am still a big fan, and love the later episodes when people get sent to the jury because that means Ponderosa Videos on  Really enjoy seeing the contestants in this setting.   Get a really honest look at them.    I usually avoid all the other stuff like the Survivor Live Replay Jeff Schroeder, (Although I like him from Big Brother,  Amazing Race,  Around the World for Free), bonus clips, behind the scenes clips.   All that doesn’t interest me as much.   Just like the show and the contestants.

In other news,  was turned on to a podcast called “Serial” by a friend of mine

Its a fascinating true story of a murder in the Baltimore area in 1999 and the author’s search for the truth.  Listened to all episodes in a few days to catch up and now am hooked.  Take a chance and listen if you have some time.

Still need to go see “Interstellar” – Maybe this weekend if I can find some time.   Hopefully will get to see it and write a review next week

Read the 1st 2 Hunger Games books (Hunger Games / Catching Fire), but never got to Mocking Jay.   Don’t think I will be able to get to it by next week when The movie (part 1) comes out.  Will make it the next book on my list as I like to read the book before seeing the movie if possible.

Only 1 week to the big Lehigh / Lafayette game in Yankee Stadium.  Hoping the weather holds until them (Just don’t want it to be snowing and bitter cold).   Then Thanksgiving and we move right into December and Christmas

Things are looking good

Hope all is well


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Hard to believe it’s already November.    Already hear lots of people talking about holiday plans.   Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here quicker than you think.

Have a few things planned myself

Heading to Yankee Stadium in NYC on Saturday, November 22nd for the 150th Football game between the Lehigh Engineers / Mountain Hawks, and the Lafayette Leopards.

Its College Football’s most played rivalry and should be a lot of fun.  Hoping to see lots of friends and some old classmates.

Will be heading down to Delaware for Thanksgiving.   Always good to get some time off to see Mom & Dad, my sister and her family.   Looking forward to a nice diner and just relaxing for a few days.   No Black Friday shopping here.   Actually saw that some stores are not opening to let their employees enjoy time with their families.  Love this idea

Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants for winning their 3rd World Series in 5 years.  While we did not see the most exciting or thrilling games in the World Series,  the overall play-offs were fun to watch and was great seeing the Kansas City Royals go on an amazing run.    Only 3 months till Pitcher and Catchers report to Spring Training.   Hopefully my NY Mets can put things together and make a run at the play-offs.   Going to take the positive attitude that  2015 is their year

Can’t say much positive about the NY Football Giants.   They just don’t look to good right now. Still think Eli and Company might have a run in them starting this week in Seattle.  They have been a Jekyll and Hyde team the past few years and when you think they are good they are bad and when you think they are bad they are good.   A big road win this week could set them on there way

Saw my DVR is getting close to 95% full.  Guess I haven’t had much free time to catch up on some older shows.   Might have to put in a rule that if I record a show, and the DVR gets to  5 or more episodes available, its time to move on.

Wasn’t surprised that A to Z got cancelled.  I really wanted to like the show, but it was just missing something.   Like lot’s of shows, it just tried to hard.   There is a real are to  comedy, and how to make it funny but believable at the same time.  For A to Z, kept comparing it in my mind to How I Met Your Mother, and thinking how the main guy was a lame attempt at Ted Mosby.   Made me really appreciate Josh Radnor.

Saw that Fox pulled the plug on Utopia.   Must have been strange to be on the show and all of a sudden the producers walk on to the set and say thanks for your time, but shows over, you gotta go.    Just like the umpires in The Bad New Bears in Breaking Training

Could you just see some of the contestants running away from the producers.

Will write some more by the end of the week on TV, Movies and Music

Also will predict my winner of Survivor after this weeks merge.

Until then

Think your happies and have a wonderful day

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Some thoughts for a Tuesday

The MLB World Series starts tonight between the Kansas City Royals and the San Francisco Giants.   The play-offs have been a lot of fun so far, and I’m hoping for a exciting series.  Is it much watch for me (A New York Mets fan from NJ)?, no, but I will be checking in to watch.  I believe all games are on FOX National Broadcast, which should help getting some ratings.   I know people will bash MLB and FOX for the ratings, but does it really matter.  The games are on TV, and anybody who wants to watch will watch.  The games will be covered on TV (over-the air, and cable), on the Internet, and be a headline on News Papers (I’m still a fan of the daily newspaper).   Saw an article the other day killing baseball ratings (Giants / Cardinals on Fox Sports 1), comparing them the Jets / Patriots game (CBS Thursday Night Football).

Here are the Baseball Numbers I found:

Here are the Football Numbers I found:

MLB – 6.5 Million,  NFL – 11.87 Million

So while more people did watch the Football (Major Network, Big Market Teams) then the Baseball (Cable Network, Small Market Teams),  its not that big of a difference considering the circumstances.

In summary – If you want to watch the World Series, (or any other sporting event), it will be on regardless of the ratings.   So sit back, and enjoy the game and let others worry about the ratings and how much the can charge for a 30 second commercial.

Another story here in New Jersey is the potential legalization of sports betting.    My personal feeling is that this is another miscalculation much like last years legalization of internet gambling.   Making it legal to bet on Football games is not going to automatically mean people from New Jersey and other states are going to be lining up by the thousands to place a few dollars on the Bills / Jets game this Sunday.   Part of the fun of gambling for the average person is the atmosphere – Much like most people want the experience of the casino over sitting in front of a computer / tablet / phone to play Black Jack or Roulette, I believe they will be turned off  on the idea of sitting in the bleachers at Monmouth Racetrack, watching NFL games on some small crappy TVs (Full Disclosure – Haven’t been to the Race Track in years so not sure if they have update to large HD TVs but tend to  think not).   Legalized sports gambling will be everywhere in a few years, but to believe it will generate millions and millions of dollars for the states is still to be seen.

On to other things

Here are a few thoughts on the current TV Season

60 Minutes – Still enjoy it every Sunday

Scorpion – Pretty stupid – Will keep it on the DVR for a bit, but not overly impressed

A to Z – Pretty disappointed so far.  Was hoping to like it, but the main guy reminds me of a Ted Mosby want to me (and makes me appreciate Josh Radnor that much more).

Homeland – Watched the 1st 2 episodes and still enjoy it

Gotham – Will give it a chance.  Liking it so far

CSI – Still one of the best shows on TV.  Been there from the beginning and hoping the move to Sunday at 10:00 PM doesn’t spell the end.

Madam Secretary – Always been a fan of Tea Leoni and actually enjoy the show.

Walking Dead / Talking Dead – The 1st episod pushed the limit of gore.  Show is very good at building tension and suspense, but still always wonder why they just dont leave and got to Washington DC.

Finally – Attended the 61s Philly Non-Sports Card show last weekend.   Also attended the free Card Talk Breakfast and really enjoyed the talk by Rittenhouse Archives founder and president Steve Charendoff.  Very insightful info on his take on the future of Non Sports Cards.  Especially liked his  answer to how to get younger people involved – “Not sure if we can”.   He basically said that while it would be great to get younger people to buy non-sports cards and enjoy the hobby as much as the people in attendance (an  older audience), they have some many other outlets for their entertainment that maybe Non-Sports Cards are not there thing.   No use worrying about what you can’t control.

Did pick up a box of Star Trek: The Original Series Portfolio Prints Trading Cards  – Hoping for a good auto / sketch.

Star Trek Portfolio

Star Trek Original Series Portfolio Trading Cards

Star Trek Original Series Portfolio Trading Cards

Thats all for now – More later

Have a wonderful day



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Cant believe its been a month since my last post

Where does the time go.  Been almost a month since Average Andys last post.    I am alive and well and things are good.   Been busy at work, and seem to have things planned every weekend.

Both Survivor and Amazing Race have started again and as always they are some of the best shows on TV.   I like the Blood vs. Water theme on Survivor and think it brings a interesting perspective to the game.   Adds an extra level of strategising for the players.  And I like Exile Island much better then when Redemption Island.  Once your voted off, your done (Although when I finally make it to the show, I will be hoping for  Redemption Island to return; will need all the help I can get).

Also, when I make the show, and happen to find a idol,  I think I would play it the next tribal.  Think of it as a get out of jail card.   Would be awful to be voted off with an idol (which has been done numerous times, see link below)

As for the Amazing Race, still watching (even with its move to Friday nights; and with DVRs, what night a show is on is no longer a big issue).   Still one of the best ways to see and explore different places around the world.   Schools should use the show as a teaching assistant.  I feel I have learned and seen more of the globe from the Amazing Race than I ever did from a text book.

Still mad at myself for not getting to Time Square when they filmed the opening live in the summer.   Would have been neat to be there.

Want to congratulate Derrick Levasseur for winning Big Brother 16.  Was another great season and he deserved to win.   He played a great game and put himself up there with Dr Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling as the best of all time

The Giants have turned things around after a 0 – 2 start and have a big game this weekend in Philadelphia.   A win would set them up nicely going forward.  I’m beginning to get a good feeling about this team, and Eli Manning.    To me, he is underrated as a QB, not so much because of his statistics or won – loss record (which admittedly is not the greatest), but due to his durability, and the ability to handle NY as a true professional.  And he does have 2 Super Bowl MVPs, which do count for something.   Go BIG BLUE

Been a rough start for Lehigh Football this year.   Off to an 0- 4 start with their 1st conference game against a touch Bucknell squad this weekend.   Hoping the Mountain Hawks can post their 1st victory and get on roll so that the Lehigh / Lafayette game at Yankee Stadium (150th meeting) will have some juice.   Average Andy will be there rooting them on no matter what the record, but if were for the Patriot League championship that would be nice

The MLB play-offs have been fun to watch with a lot of great and entertaining games.   I am a bit tired with the Cardinals, but they play good fundamental baseball and are a well run organization.   Hopefully next year the NY Mets put things together and for the 1st time in a while will make the play-offs.

I’m torn between the Royals and the Orioles.   Will be happy with whichever team makes it to the World Series, and be rooting for them to win it all

Will try to write more soon about TV / Music / Movies / and whatever else is on my mind

Have a happy and safe Columbus day

Average Andy


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