Where did January go?

Can’t believe that January came and went without a single post.    I know I was busy, but should have been able to find some time to write.

I survived the Super Snow Storm of 2016.   Go upwards of 2 1/2 feet of snow which is finally melting away.    I actually enjoyed the storm as it happened from Friday night to Saturday night so did not really cause any issues with getting to or from work.   Here are a few pictures:


Before the storm, I was able to take a trip with the family to New York City.  Went to see ” ” on Broadway with the great George Takei.   I really enjoyed the show.   It was very entertaining as well as very powerful as it told the story about what it was like to be one of the 120,000 Japanese Americans who were placed into U.S. concentration camps during World War II.

After the show, we put on our tourists hats and headed to the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square for a very nice dinner.   Also visited the M&Ms store and the Disney Store.   All and all it was a great day

After the storm we took a trip to the city of brotherly love (Philadelphia).   Spent the weekend in the heart of the city.   Visited several museums on Saturday and then met my cousin, her husband and daughter (as well as another cousins daughter) for a lovely dinner.   Was great to see them and catch up as I don’t see them as much as I should.   On Sunday went to see the Liberty Bell and Constitution Hall.  Was really neat to see all the American history right in the middle of a major city.


While there also took a few trips to the Reading Terminal Market and had a world famous Roast Pork and Broccoli Rabe sandwich from DiNic’s.

Tommy DiNic’s PA

Was as good as advertised.  Highly recommended if you get a chance.

Was another great weekend and would recommend you check out Philadelphia if you have the opportunity.   Lots to see and do

Sunday is the Super Bowl.   Will be watching but don’t really care who wins.   Been a great few weeks of not paying attention to sports or sports radio and instead just relaxing listening to music and catching up on some TV shows.

Only a few more weeks to both Survivor and The Amazing Race.   Really looking forward to both to take me through the rest of winter and into spring.

Hope everybody’s 2016 is off to a great start and will write more soon










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Happy New Year

Wishing everybody a happy and safe New Year and may 2016 bring you peace and wellness.

A few things from the last couple of weeks

I saw The Force Awakens 2 times and was very impressed and though that J.J. Abrams and the entire production crew did  fantastic job.  The movie was a nice mix of old and new without going over the top with the CGI.  They kept the story repetitively simple, and left me waiting for the next one to see where things go next.   If you have not seen it, go and experience it on the big screen, and if you have seen it, go again as the 2nd time I saw it i actually enjoyed it more as I was able to just relax and enjoy the ride.

As far as media, I have not seen this much talk (mostly good) about a movie in a long time.  And to me, that is what makes a movie special.  To many of the so called ‘Big Budget Action Movies” movies these days open on a Friday, make a lot of money for a few weeks and then are gone (both from the theaters, and from most peoples minds).   They leave now lasting impressions which I find sad.   With The Force Awakens, I have had more discussions with friends then I have had abut a movie in a long time.

As for my NY Giants, the season came to a screeching halt with a tough loss to the Carolina Panthers, and then Washingtons’ win over Philadelphia    The loss to Minnesota could be seen a mile away, as the Giants never play well in meaningless games (Believe they got crushed a few years back against Minnesota as well when they were eliminated).   I can go either way with coach Coughlin.   This was such a strange year as the Giants were in most games and could have one a few early that would have changed the season.  But if you step back and truly look, they are not a great team (They are OK like most of the mediocre teams).    Maybe a change of attitude is needed.   Or maybe just one or two impact defensive players would make a difference.    Remember that Victor Cruz should be healthy next season, and the Offensive Line should be improved (Flowers played OK as a Rookie, and the others should be moving into their prime)

I had an enjoyable Christmas break.  Was able to relax a bit, get some things done around the house, and got to see some friends.   One of my goals for 2016 is to make more time to see my Family and Friends.   Its big year as AverageAndy is hitting the big 50 (along with a few of my longtime friends).  Looking forward to some fun times as we celebrate.   Have some things planned so should be a lot of fun

As we end 2015, want to wish each and everybody out there who takes the time to read my blog the best for 2016.  I will continue to write about things that interest me, as well as trying to keep up with the latest in pop-culture.   Also will continue to watch the Amazing Race and Survivor and will continue to make and submit my audition Videos.   Hopefully 216 will be the year I hear back and get my shot at traveling around the world or getting stranded on a deserted island

All the best

Average Andy

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens today, and I will be seeing it this weekend.  I had purchased tickets a while back for Sunday morning and then won a pair from Verizon for Saturday, so will be seeing it twice.

I have tried to avoid any major spoilers (online, or on TV) and want to go in with an open mind.

I’ve been a Star Wars fan since seeing it at the Wellfleet Drive-In on Cape Cod in 1977 with my family. (Part of a double feature in the poring rain).  I have seen every film in the theater since then, and with the release of The Force Awakens, it made me think of where I saw each of them and who I was with.

Star Wars (1977)  –  Wellfleet Drive-In,  Wellfleet MA (Mom, Dad, Sister)
Empire Strikes Back (1980) – Memlo Park, NJ (Dad)
Return of the Jedi (1983) – West Orange, NJ (Friends)

The Phantom Menace (1999) – Bridgewater, NJ  (Wife and Friends)
Attack of the Clones (2002) – Bridgewater, NJ  (Friends)
Revenge of the Sith (2005)  – East Hanover, NJ (Work Friend)

The Force Awakens (2015) – New Brunswick, NJ (Friend)

I also saw the Original Trilogy a few other times in the theater (both originally, and for the re-issues

Will have my review / thoughts early next week

On the collecting side – TOPPS has released a new card set for Star Wars: The Force Awaknens

TOPPS: Star Wars Cards

Here is some good information on the set

Cardboard Connection – TOPPS Force Awakens

TOPPS have also updated the Card Trader App, and will be releasing new card for the movie over the next few weeks.

May the Force be With You


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Survivor Recap

Its take me a while to come up with my feelings about the latest season of Survivor (Second Chance).   Its was a very entertaining season by each episode, but overall there was never a player that stood out to me, or one that made a big move that really changed the game.   Most of the blindsides were great to watch, but in the big picture really didn’t change anything.  The players who got blindsided were most likely going to be voted out anyway.    I bevel most of this was due to everybody being a returning player, and knowing the ins and outs of the game.  Most of the players in their Ponderosa Videos stated that the strategizing started right from the beginning.   There was never a point where players were trying to figure out how the game was played.   I think this ultimately took some of the fun and mystery away.

Was interesting on how Jeremy received all the votes to win.   While he did play a good game, he never made any big move, and really never stood out as somebody who was a great player.   At the end, it almost felt like he got the jury’s votes based on his speech about family.  Even Spencer admitted that after Jeremy’s speech at the last Tribal Council , that he felt he had no chance to win.

Loved watching the Ponderosa videos of the players after they got voted off.   Its interesting to see how some players really enjoyed the game, and the opportunity  (Really liked Keith’s attitude)  while others like Andrew Savage seemed bitter about being voted off, and never seemed to relax and just appreciate the adventure.

I’m really looking forward to next season with all new contestants (Including  Caleb Reynolds from Bid Brother).  Will be interesting to watch and really see the difference in strategies, since the season was filmed before this season was broadcasted and gave us the voting blocks

Was surprised at the end of the live reunion show when Jeff Probst mentioned that people would send him there audition tapes through twitter (and that he sometimes watches and replies).   Might eventually force AverageAndy to get a twitter account.

I have submitted many audition videos over the years (starting with sending in VHS tapes, and now the standard way through the cbs.com website).  I also attended a open casting call a few years back.

In order to try and improve my chances I have been watching Dan Gheesling’s weekly podcast on Facebook.  He has lots of great information on creating and submitting casting videos.   I was seriously thinking of signing up for his video bootcamp, and get his opinion on my latest video

Dan Gheesling – Howtogetonrealitytv Bootcamp

There is a cost involved, so if anybody out there who wants to help me with the cost can send me an e-mail at averageandyemail.com and I can give you my paypal info.   Think of this as a low level http://www.gofundme.com campaign.    Would really appreciate the help and support.   Will even promise to mention you in a upcoming post.

More to come about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (have my tickets for Saturday and Sunday) and the big NY Giants / Carolina Panthers game this weekend.





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The Dream Police

Big congratulations to Cheap Trick in being elected to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.   Been a big fan of the band for many many years.  Have seen them a few times in concert and they always put on a great show.   Here are a few videos, including the classic scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Here is the video for one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs.  (Every time I see hanging lights, I have the urge to start swinging them and sing this song)


More to come later on the awesome Survivor Finale last night, and some other random thoughts of the day

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Finale Night

Looking forward to tonight’s Season Finale of Survivor.  With 6 players still left, it should be a fun 2+ hours before the live reunion show.   Of the 6 players left, I’m rooting for Keith to be the Sole Survivor.   Hes played a great game, doing just enough in the challenges, (even won a few) and seems to be well liked by the other players.  Not sure what his big signature move was, but with the way this season was played with the ‘voting blocks’ instead of the traditional alliances, nobody really made a big move to shake everybody up.  (Maybe somebody will tonight, which would be great to see).    I also think that Kelly Wentworth has played a good game.   Will be fascinating to see how both her and Jeremy’s Idol come into play.   I know if I had an Idol, and it came down to the last time I could play it, I would play it no matter what.  (Taking home an Idol as a souvenir while being blindsided would be awful)

Should be a lot of fun.   Will defiantly write again this week with my “Happy Recap”

Was really torn with the finally of the Amazing Race.    The Green team of Justin & Diana really grew on me, and at the end was hoping they would win.  They just seemed so happy to be on the race, and seemed to really embrace the locations and tasks.   It was much more than a race for 1 million dollars to them.   (As a side note, I was watching Chopped Juniors last night, and one of the kids stated that all he wanted was the title of “Chopped Champion” and could care less about the 10,000 dollar prize.  That’s how I have always felt about both The Amazing Race and Survivor, and how I believe both Justin & Diana felt).    Was wishing for them to win, and if not them would have preferred Logan & Chris over the really nondescript  wining team of Kelsey & Joey.  Had to look up there names while writing this, and will not remember them by next week.

My Daughter is really exited for the next season of The Amazing Race, with her You Tube Idol Tyler Oakley and his friend Korey Kuhl as one of teams.  Looks like next season will be a bunch of You Tubers as well as other social media folks.  Should be fun to watch them going total unplugged from the internet as they race around the world.

More to come tomorrow


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Monday Update

Here are a few thoughts for a Monday

Caught up with The Amazing Race over the weekend an cant believe its down to the final 3 teams, and last show of the season.    Its been a pretty good season, but no team really grabbed me.   I’m kind of torn with the Green team (Justin & Diana).   Love there enthusiasm and overall love of the show, but just like Joe from Survivor, they need to realize that other teams and players want to win as bad as they do.  You don’t get extra credit because you are a super fan, or because you really really want to win

Also, the end seems a little to far fetched as all teams took cabs to the pit stop without any issues, except for Tiffany & Krista who somehow got lost (after getting fish on the 5th attempt that should have given them enough time).

Of the remaining  3 teams, I’m pulling for either Logan & Chris or Justin & Diana (the 3rd team of Kelsey & Joey are bland and non-descript to me)

As far as the New York Football Giants, I am beginning to think that its time for a change, and would have no issues if they let Tom Coughlin go at the end of the year.    At some point you need to admit that the team has not been good for 3 years and continues to find ways to lose.  At this point its an attitude that needs to be changed.   Its not just about a call here or there, or a missed pass, or a missed tackle,or missed kick.  Its about an attitude that they are good enough to win.   I have no problems with going for it on 4th down at 20 – 10.  I actually would have gone for it at 4th and 1 in the 1st half at 13 – 10.   But when Tom Coughlin basically states that he figured he need to score to go up 17 because they would most likely lose if they only went up by 13, it shows he has no confidence in the team at all.  This attitude will be picked up by the players and it can only lead to bad things.   As a life long Giants fan, the last few years have been really frustrating,  as I keep thinking that if the team just puts together a few wins, and gets on a roll, they can make a run.  Maybe they will, and I will need to write a post stating I was wrong (Similar to how I would have got rid of Terry Collins last year, and was totals wrong with that)

To stop the negativity I am feeling, I am going to write it down that the Giants will win there last 4 games (@Miami, vs Carolina, @ Minnesota, and vs Philadelphia to end the season).    They will take take the NFC East with a 9 – 7 record and go into the play-offs with some momentum and see what happens.

More to come throughout the week






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