My Thoughts on Survivor and The Amazing Race (And Happy Memorial Day)

Both Survivor and The Amazing Race wrapped up another successful season.   Both shows continue to set the standards for reality TV shows.   Here’s hoping they continue for many more years

Don’t know how I feel about Mike winning Survivor.    Didn’t really like him throughout the season, but have to admit he did play a great game.   He gave 100% at the individual immunity challenges (Don’t forget he did throw one of the group challenges), and was always thinking of his best moves.   He worked hard around camp and seemed to genuinely care about the other contestants.   He did come across a bit arrogant and self centered, but you need some of that if you want to win the game (and not just take it as a free adventure).   I probably would have voted for him over Carolyn (who should have realized she was at the bottom of her alliance, and tried to make some sort of move to at least show she had an idea where she stood),  and Will, who really didn’t do much other than not make waves with the wrong people.

At the end, I was actually rooting for Rodney, and it would have been fun to see him in the final 3 and how he would have handled the jury questions.   And I have no problems with him  voting for Will.   He made it to the Jury and can vote any way he wants.  Seen some people who were upset how he voted.   To bad.   Just another reason why Survivor is such a great show, and great study of people

Enjoyed watching the Ponderosa Videos of the players who made the Jury.  Gives you a different perspective, and a good insight on the player’s true views and thoughts about the game.  Was interesting to see how people like Joe were upset, not for not winning, but for not making it to the loved ones part.   And players like Jenn who simply treated this like a free vacation and something to do for a few weeks.    Would really like to see how I would react to making it to the jury.   Would I be happy, upset, or just glad to be there.  Hopefully I’ll never know and never see Ponderosa but instead last all 39 days as a contestant

Always enjoy the live Reunion Show (Still remember how awful the early ones hosted by Bryant Gumbel were – Who ever decided to let Jeff Probst host was a genius)

Liked the way the announced the cast for the next Season  (and happy that some of my favorites, Kelly, Kimmy, Keith, Vitas) were selected.   I did think they spent too much time on Dan and his complaints about the way he was edited (But did like the way the pulled a 60 minutes on him by showing him the unedited footage).   But felt it was a bit unfair to the early players who didn’t get any air time at all.

All and All, it was a great season, and can’t wait for next season to start.

PS – Will be submitting my next audition video in a few weeks for future seasons.   Fingers crossed that one day, somebody will be writing a blog about how great a game AverageAndy played and how he Outwited, Outplayed, Outlasted everybody to take home the title of Survivor Champion

As for The Amazing Race.   Another great season.  Was happy to see Laura & Tyler win Season  26.  They ran a great race and deserved to win.  Do feel a bit sorry for Hayley and Blair.   They put aside their differences and were right there at the end.   Can’t say they would have won if Hayley had seen the Race Flags, but would have been interesting.  And I give Blair credit for not blaming Hayley, but congratulating her on a job well done.  Need more people like that who can see and appreciate the good and ignore the bad

Its so much fun watching each week with my daughter (Who is becoming a bigger fan than me).    The show continues to show how fun and exciting the world can be, and how we all should take any opportunity we have travel and experience things.    Would love the opportunity to be able to see the places and the people along the race.    My sister and I would make a great team, both as competitors and as interesting and fun contestants.

Already looking forward to next season

PS – Was at my In-laws last week, and my Father in-law had a picture of Australia on his wall.   While looking at the map, I talked to him about the trip they took to Australia years ago.  I have always wanted to travel to Australia (and New Zealand) just looking at the map got me excited.   Never realized how big Australia is, and that there are lots of remote areas along the western coast that would be interesting to try and visit.  And I still want to make it to New Zealand and go to Burger Fuel and have a Bastard Burger  (as seen on an earlier season of The Amazing Race)

Thats all for now and thanks for reading

Have a Great Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.   Relax and enjoy the time off with family and friends

Will write more next week


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Its the weekend

Lots of plans for this weekend

Have a party to go to on Friday evening.   On Saturday, once again will be volunteering at the Bourbon Street Blues Festival.  Its supposed to be hot, but thats better than previous years when its been cold and miserable.  Then doing the Mother’s Day thing this Sunday.

Going to try and write more going forward.   Was listening to a podcast and the host said the best thing to do to improve your writing is to write.  Most writers will write 7 days a week just to keep the creative juices flowing.   Now I have no desire to be a professional writer, but would like to improve my writing skills, and this blog gives me the opportunity to write as often as I like about whatever I want, so its a good place to start

Have to say I was disappointed with Wayward Pines last night on FOX.   I have been a big fan of Matt Dillon going back to Over the Edge, and his great performance in My Bodyguard.  (Check it out if you’ve never seen it)

The previews / premise looked promising so I gave it a shot.   Right off the bat I felt like I had seen this before and then I remember the show “Persons Unknown” that aired a few years back, and this was basically the same thing.   Person or Persons wake up in strange town a can’t leave.    Will give it another week, but looking like this my be another promising show that just doesn’t connect with me.

Big series for the Mets this weekend against the Brewers.   Need to put up some wins or all good feelings of the 11 game winning streak earlies will be gone.    Will take 2 0f 3, but really would like a 3 game sweep.   The team just cannot hit (and this has been an issue for a few years now).  They have great pitching, but you cannot expect every pitcher to throw a shutout or give up 1 run each time out.    Would like nice 7 – 1 laugher for a change.

Really enjoyed Dans Ponderosa video this week.   Seems like an average guy who got to live out his dream and enjoyed his time.   Thats exactly how I feel about being on Survivor.  To me it more than just a game for 1 Million Dollars.    I would still love to be on the show if there was no prize other than to see who could win.   Just the idea of the game has fascinated me since it premiered in 2000 (and even before that, I was actually hooked based on a post on in 1999

I really don’t remember how many times I have applied, but do remember sending in VHS tapes and DVDs before everything went on-line.   And while I haven’t driven all over the US to go to casting calls, I did attend one, and plan on attending more.   So between continuing to send in Application Videos, and attending some casting calls, hopefully one day my dreams will come true just like Dan’s

Hope everybody out there has a great weekend and will write more next week. (Reviews of both the Amazing Race and Survivor Finales)


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Quick Thoughts

Happy to see the NFL hand out punishments to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.   I would have liked a longer suspension, but what’s done is done and time to move on

Hopefully the NY Mets can find some offense and not strictly rely on their pitchers throwing shutouts every time out.  There lineup does not scare anybody right now.  Getting Wright and D’Arnaud back should help but unless they get some production from bit players, not sure how far they can go.

Sad to see CBS pulling the plug on CSI after 14+ years.   Glad that they will at least do a send off move for some closure.   Been a fan since the show 1st debuted and will miss the characters and stories.    I know the ratings have not been the best, and the industry is all about ratings, and making money, but compared to other shows with similar ratings, and a much lesser footprint in society, there should be a space for it to continue (And sorry to say, CSI:Cyber, much like CSI:Miami and CSI:NYC are really not good, and don’t really have the true feeling of the original).

Last few episodes of Survivor a the finale of The Amazing Race before the summer and the return on Big Brother.

Will write again before the Memorial Day Holiday.   Let me know of any topics you would be interested in and I will do my best to share my opinion on them


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My thoughts on cheating

We all know the story of Tom Brady and the footballs.   My personal opinion is that the NFL should step up and send a message to the Patriots and suspend Tom Brady for the 2015 / 2016 Season.

So listening to sports talk radio, and reading some stuff on the web,  I have heard it all from the Tom Brady supporters  – “There is no true evidence that he knew anything”, “So what if he told the equipment managers to deflate the football, is no big deal”, “Why does anybody care?”.

In simplest terms – He purposely tried to circumvent the rules that were agreed upon.    If he liked the footballs  a certain way, there are a few things that he could have done within the guidelines of the rules.   Just like baseball pitchers who scuff up balls once they have been put in play (And if they go too far the balls are removed by the umpires), he could  squeeze and roll the footballs on the ground before the game, or maybe even jump up and down on them to get them to feel better.  He could hold the balls next to the superheaters or super coolers to see if heating / cooling them makes them feel better.   Between games, he could tell his coach or owner that he likes the balls a little less inflated, and who can he talk to in the league offices about possibly getting the rules altered.   Instead he worked with the equipment managers to purposely try and get around the rules.    Rules that are part of the game and agreed upon by all team to make sure the game is fair to all teams.

I understand that all team  and players are always trying to circumvent some rules or regulations (They all eventually get caught and fined).   But when you then act like it’s no big deal or pretend like everybodys doing it so why can’t I, you deserve to be suspended just to prove to others that this will not be tolerated.

I head a few people say that the NFL can’t suspend him for more than 1 or 2 games because of previous suspensions to players like Ray Rice or  Greg Hardy.   Look at it this way.   If somebody who works for a bank gets in trouble with the law (outside of work) – i.e. they get caught drunk driving, the bank my reprimand them but more than likely they would keep there job.  But if they got caught fixing the books and skimming some money for their own, they would most likely be fired.    I doubt the “Hey the bank has lots of money so whats the big deal”, or “Everybody takes a few dollars here and there” would go over well

Bottom Line – He knowingly tried to cheat and needs to be suspended.   And the suspension needs to be significant to send a message that cheating is not to be tolerated

Side Note – Funniest thing I heard was when somebody called Evan Cohen the morning and called him out for defending Bill Belichick (How can you expect Bill to know everything that goes on with the team and the equipment?) while a while back he killed Dolphins coach Joe Philbin (“He’s the head coach, should know everything ,  and should be fired for what happened with the Dolphins and Richie Incognito).   Evan had no reply, went to a commercial break and then never mentioned this again.   Just goes to show how hypocritical and closed minded most people are.

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Few things

Its getting down to the wire for both Survivor and The Amazing Race.   Both shows have been awesome as usual this season and really looking forward to the last few episodes and the finales.   Amazing Race has gone to some really cool places this season.    I think I have learned more about the world, the countries and the people from watching the show then I ever learned from reading a textbook in school.    School systems should somehow incorporate watching the show into their curriculum.   Cant wait to see who wins.   On a side note, I was watching TV and saw a commercial for a bank, and  getting a loan.  The ad mentioned that these 2 goat farmers were able to use the loan to help set up there on-line store.  Turns out it was Josh and Brent who won Amazing Race Season 21

Here is a link to there store.    Congratulatins and good for them

As for Survivor, not really sure who I am rooting for.   While the show is still fascinating to watch,  seem too many of the players think they are super smart and can outwit everybody because they have see past episodes.    Interesting to watch the Ponderosa videos of people on the jury.  They all say that the game is much harder than they thought, and just being a super fan is not going to automatically make you a good player or the sole survivor.  This does make me want to be on the show even more, and see what the experience is really like.   While I have seen every episode of every season, I don’t consider myself a super fan.  I am obsessed with the show and the whole thing still fascinates me 15 years later, but am not somebody who will sit and watch all past seasons, or can recite every contestant, tribe name, and location.  So I think I would make an excellent contestant as I have great knowledge of the show and the game, but an open mind of how to play it.

I know I will not be chosen for the next season as Jeff Probst and CBS announced that next season will consist of past players voted by the fans.    There are 32 people for 20 spots.  Who makes it will be announced live during the live reunion special and the 20 lucky ones will leave the reunion, hop on a bus and start their adventure.    Have to admit that was not overly excited to hear that next season will consist of past players, but after reading on how they plan to do it, it peaked my interested and seems kind of cool.

Here is the link to vote for your favorites:

Event though next season is set, I will be making a new video and submitting it for a chance of making it on the show in the future.

Briefly on the Mets.   They have had a slight letdown after their 11 game winning streak.   But with the solid pitching lead by Harvey, DeGrom, and Colon, they should be able to handle a few bad series and straighten out the ship.    They are still in 1st place, and it’s always easier to play as the leader instead of the chaser.

Had a great time at the Kentucky Derby party last week.  Thanks to Pat and Beth for hosting.   Was also great so see some long time friends.

I had a great time at the Philly Non Sports Card Show in Allentown last Sunday.   Big thanks to the Toser family for putting on the show twice a year.   Was able to pick up some promo cards I was looking for, as well as a box of Star Wars Alien Cards.

Going to finish opening the box this weekend and hopefully will pull a decent auto card.

And finally would  like to send out a big thanks Marlin Toser for sending me some cards I needed to add to my Philly Non Sports Card set.  It was very much appreciated.

Will write soon with some thoughts of things going on in the world of Sports / TV and Music.


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Lets Go Mets

How about the New York Mets.   Winners of 11 in a row (and 10 in a row at home to start the 2015 Season).   It;s been awhile since the Mets were relevant and actually playing some solid ball.   Was nice watching some of the games and seeing people in the stands, and making some noise.   Eerily similar to 1983 where the they were also 2 and 3 after 5 games and then went on to win 11 in a row (and 17 out of 18).  Hopefully they can keep things up.    I might even have to venture out to CITI field for a game

Lots of fun things coming up the next few weeks.    Will be going to a Kentucky Derby Party next Saturday.    Hopefully will be able to try a Mint Julep for the 1st time.  Will be good to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while

Next Sunday is the 62nd Annual Philly Non-Sports Show in Allentown Pennsylvania.   Always a good time attending the Card Talk Breakfast in the morning, followed by the show.  Hoping to pick up some hard to find promo cards as well as pick up some chase and parallel cards for some of my older sets.

Spike p-i

Inkworks Spike p-i Prome Card

Inkworks Charmed p-i Prome Card

Inkworks Charmed p-i Promo Card

Loved last weeks 2 hour Amazing Race.   Still love seeing all the countries and places they travel to.    One day I will travel the world as well (Hopefully as a contestant on the show). Thought it was awesome when the team won a trip to New Zealand from Travelocity for winning the leg of the race.   I would love to take a trip to Australia / New Zealand.   One day…

Was sad to see Jenn voted off of Survivor last week.   She was a true free spirit and really didn’t care if she was voted off  (Really telling to watch her Poderosa video on    She didn’t want to play the game the way the other contestants wanted to and they didn’t like her for this.   Good for her for not conforming and doing what she wanted to.   This season has been wild and like the way they are mixing things up with new twists.   Will help when I am on the show as people will need to use more of their social skills instead of relying on past ideas and knowledge.   This will help me as I get along with almost everybody,  and can rely on social interaction to get me further.

Lastly have really enjoyed listening to the James Altucher Podcast while driving to / from work.  The past few guests (Jon Acuff, Nicholas Megalis, Dan Buettner).   Some really good interview and it has really opened up my mind to new and exciting things and ideas

I have also been listening to the “This American Life” podcast.   Again some really interesting stories about things I never would have sought out, or even knew existed.

Lately I have found myself switching from listing to the same old, repetitive,and mostly worthless sport take radio (except for Mike Francesa, who has remained relevant and  local to the NY / NJ area)  to listening to Podcasts, and trying to read more books.  This is so much more fulfilling, as well as opening up my eyes to all that the world has to offer.

Finally, Marillion weekend is this week in Montreal.  Things again did not work out this year for me to attend.    But on the bright site, they have announced that they may be touring the US in 2016 and I will definitely be attending shows in the NY Area.

I will leave you with the video for Genie from the great Marbles album


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Been to long

Been a long time since I sat down and wrote some new stuff so here it goes

Really enjoying the new seasons of both Survivor and The Amazing Race.  Both shows continue to set the standard for this type of reality show.    For Survivor, I try to avoid most online chatter for fear of spoilers, but do enjoy watching the Ponderosa Videos of the contestants voted off and on the jury.   Last weeks showed with Joe how much the show means to people.   After watching that, it makes me even more determined to get on the show.   Will be working on my next audition video soon.    As for The Amazing Race, this season shows that it can carry itself no matter who the contestants are.   Whether it’s family members, married couples, or people who just met, they all are appreciative of the opportunity to travel around the world.

How about the New York Mets.   Needed to get off to a good start and at 7 – 3 they have started to gain the confidence they needed.    Last night’s game is one they would have definitely lost the past few years.   Good to see them show some spunk with a good comeback win.   Let see if they can keep it up and take at least 2 of the next 3 from the Marlins.    With Harvey and Degrom (plus Colon pitching well to start the season), this may just be a fun year for us long time Mets Fans

Saw the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer and have to admit, I like the direction they are going with the new movie.   Seem to be showing just enough of the old and the new to make us older folks excited about the movie.   I am a fan of most of J.J Abrams stuff (loved LOST and ALIAS on TV, but am not a huge fan of the new Star Trek Movies).   Hopefully he learned something from them and the fans and we will all be celebrating the new movie.

I am having a fun time with the new Star Wars Digital Card Trader for iOS (as well a the BUNT – The Baseball version).  Lots of fun chasing and collecting Star Wars cards (both old and new).   Dont know if this will ever totally replace collecting physical cards (Average Andy is a Non Sports Card Collector), but it can be addicting.   Right now just playing for free with the coins they give each day which is plenty to build a decent collection

Speaking of Non Sports Cards – The 62nd Annual Philly Non Sports Card Show is only 2 weeks away.   Will be attending the show as well as the Card Talk breakfast and hope to pick up a bunch of promo and chase cards for my sets.

Had a great vacation last week in Hilton Head Island.    Was able to be active (swimming / biking / running) while also relaxing.   Was also great to see my cousin who lives there and works at the Disney resort.   Already looking forward to next year

Finally, here is a great video set to Walk the Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance”.  I dare you not to smile and think of all the great dancing in movies.


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