Live Long and Prosper – RIP Leonard Nemoy

A part of my childhood has left us today as Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy) has passed away.  A very sad day for Star Trek fans as we say goodbye to one of the greats.   Will always have fond memories of watching Star Trek after school on WPIX 11, and the excitement of going to see each new Star Trek Films with friends.   Thank you for the memories

My Nimoy was also  very popular to Non-Sports card collectors,  signing cards for numerous Star Treks sets that have become highly sought after.

Her are a few of his signed cards  (Love the Dual Auto with William Shatner, and hope to own one some day)

Kirk_Spock spock

He also appeared in other shows such as FOXs Fringe  and had a long running show of his own in the late 70s / early 80s



Live Long and Prosper Mr Nimoy.   You will be missed

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The Buford Files (Episode 1)

Woody, Cindy and Buford go to Jeb Crowley’s place only to find him missing. As they pick Jeb’s trail, they find also two escaped bank robbers, the Swamp Brothers

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Thoughts on things

Spent last Sunday watching the Academy Awards, and sad to say, I was disappointed with the show.  I’m a huge movie fan, and have always enjoyed watching the Oscar telecast, but this year just seemed boring and disconnected with the history of movies.  I actually really enjoyed the opening number with references to older movies.  But after that, they totally ignored anything not from this year except for the music when the presenters came on stage (played some great and memorable scores, which gave me the best feelings of the night), and the tribute to 50 year old Sound of Music.   Has to say something that one of the biggest applauses all night was for Julie Andrews.   Would have been nice if the had given a hint or at least mentioned the Sound of Music  tribute earlier in the show.  Seemed to come out of nowhere and felt out of place

I know the shows main purpose is to honor this years nominees, but with no reference to history or any kind of context, it just seemed hollow.  I thought the Grammys a few weeks back did a good job of mixing old with new.    And they need to show actual clips of the movies instead of the lame graphics.  The only time I got a good feeling of some of the movies (Full disclosure – the only movies I saw was American Sniper), was during the award for best score.  They showed a clip with music and it felt real

And they totally missed the boat with the In Memoriam part of the show.   Showing water color images of people when they were younger had no real meaning.   Felt totally disconnected.   Even my wife said she didn’t feel moved.  And why do they need to show all the people who have died, and then also have a song afterwards.   Show actual clips and pictures of the people, then fade to black and silence for a few seconds and go to commercial

And then there are always the people they miss / forget.    I realize they do have a certain amount of time, but the show is to celebrate the movies and those who made an impact.  And if they need to choose, the should show more of actors and actresses then  behind the scenes people.  Not to take anything away from all who passed, but not showing Joan Rivers or Taylor Negron is wrong.

As far as Neil Patrick Harris, I like him as a performer (He is very talented, and Barney Stinson is a classic TV character), but he felt out of place during the show.  Almost all of the Jokes were not funny (They must have hired the SNL writers), and felt forced.   And while the whole thing with his predictions actually had a pretty good ending, the set up and execution was terrible.  Most people had tuned out by the time of the reveal, or figured it was going to actually be his picks, and could care less.

My Rating:   I give the 2015 Academy Awards a 3

I leave you with some classic Taylor Negron from Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Dont forget that both The Amazing Race and Survivor start up again tomorrow so set your DVRS now


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Its February

We are going through some cold weather in New Jersey.    While everybody has been complaining how cold it is, to me, it hasn’t seemed as bad as last year.   I have gone on a few walks, and it hasn’t been that bad.  Last year there were times when I could not feel my hands and face after a few minutes.

Stopping to say hi to the cows during my walk

Stopping to say hi to the cows during my walk

Me and my yellow hat

Me and my yellow hat

Couple of things happening this week.    Pitchers and Catchers are reporting to Spring Training.   Hopefully this will give the sports radio stations something new to talk about.   Was getting really tiers of worthless NFL and NBA talk.    When discussing baseball, at least it will be something new, and not mostly made up situations and rehashing of the same things over and over again

As for my New York Mets.   On paper they look to have the makings on a solid team this year.  They have some good pitching which should be able to keep them in games.   If there hitters simply put the ball in play, and put up some decent numbers, they should be a solid team.   I’m glad they didn’t go out and spend a ton of money of some mediocre free agents. They need to get off to a good start, and if they do, it should be a fun summer

Quick thought on teams like the Yankees having special days and retiring players numbers.  Good for them.   More team should take the Yankees lead and better honor their older players.   Instead of lashing out against the Yankees, teams should spend the energy embracing  and celebrating their own players more.   Sports is about the fans, the history and the memories.    I would love the Mets to retire numbers of players such as Darryl Strawberry or Dwight Gooden.   Would that be a knock on Tom Seaver.   Absolutely not.

Looking forward to the series premiers of both Survivor and The Amazing Race on Wednesday.  Looking forward to the new twists they have for the upcoming season.   Will let you know which people and teams I am rooting for.   Hope there some fun and interesting contestants.

Will be watching The Academy Awards on Sunday.  This will mark the 3rd straight Sunday with a Major Live event (The Grammys on CBS, and the SNL 40th Special on NBC).   While I am not a big award show fan (other than the Oscars) , and haven’t really watched SNL in years, both shows did garner my attention.   I enjoyed a lot of the Grammys and liked how they mixed up the older artists like ELO and Annie Lennox with newer artists. And while I like most all types and styles of music, I have to admit that I really do not like the Jay-Z / Beyonce / Kanye West music.   It just does nothing for me.  Overall I would give the Grammys a B.   I was disappointed with the SNL 40th show.   Think they got stuck between it being a Reunion Show or a Tribute show.   While I found some of the skits funny, and enjoyed a lot of the old clips, I wish they had found a way to better incorporate all of the returning cast members into the show rather than have them walk out, introduce something and then basically disappear.   There was a golden opportunity here to break out of the box and do something special, but they fell flat.  Overall I would give the SNL 40th Reunion show a D

Thats all for now

Time Waster

Time Waster

Average Andy

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Hope all is well

Well I didn’t win the 500 Million Power Ball Lottery, so live will go on as normal.   Lots of discussion at work of what Everybody would do if they won.   I hope that I would remain the same person and not become some kind of jerk.   I actually would prefer to win a smaller prize (A few million dollars would be nice).   That way I could enjoy a stress free life without all the craziness and pressures that would come with winning a huge jackpot.   I  would probably continue to work but would enjoy it so much more without the stress involved.   To have the attitude that work needs me more than I need them would be nice

I always wonder if I could even enjoy myself if I won a huge jackpot.   Would I be ordering Lobster and Filet Mignon every meal just because I could.  Would I shell out insane amounts of money for things like Super Bowl tickets just because I could.  I dont think I would be able to let myself enjoy it.   Hey, I will walk out of a casino, and down the block to by a water or soda instead of paying 5.00 + dollars in the mini fridge.

Only 2 weeks to the premier of both Survivor and Amazing Race.   Really looking forward to another season.   Will help get through the rest of the cold and snow here in New Jersey.  Will be interesting to see what Survivor comes up with this season to change things up a bit.  And the Amazing Race is doing something with couples that are meeting each other for the 1st time.

For most shows (Including Survivor and Amazing Race) I try to avoid all the online chatter for fear of spoilers as I like to enjoy both shows and be surprised as the weeks go by.  Was upset with the Food Network, as the showed a preview of the 2 finalists for Worst Cook in America right before the final elimination.   It was such a let down, that I feel like I dont even want to watch the finale.   They have done this in the past as well.  Makes no sense and I have to wonder if they even realize that they upsetting the fans of the shows.  May have to write them a letter.

Only a handful of days until Pitchers and Catchers report to spring training.  Going to be an interesting year for the NY Mets.   They need to get off to a good start so that people can get behind the team.  But that then means Terry Collins will keep his job.  One of those catch 22 moments.   I guess as a long time fan, I want them to do well and get off to a good start.  They have some really good pitching and if they can get David Wright and Curtis Granderson to have bounce back years, we may be looking at a contending team.  Hopefully there will be meaningful september baseball at CITI Field

Picked up a few smaller boxes of TOPPS 2015 Baseball Cards (Like to pick up a few each year to see what new and interesting inserts TOPPS comes up with each year).  Maybe if I did win the lottery (or Survivor or Amazing Race) I would actually try and complete a set one year.   As a long time collector of Non Sports Cards and some Baseball Cards, to have the money to try and complete a Master Set would be fun and exciting

Finally want to mention the passing of long time basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian and CBS 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon.    Will always remember Jerry Tarkanian with the towel in is mouth couching the UNLV Running Rebels, and the smooth delivery of Bob Simon on Sunday nights.  They both will be missed.

More later


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January update

Hard to believe this is my 1st update of 2015.   Sorry and hope to have updates much more often going forward.   Been a crazy start to 2015 with work and the weather.  I’m finally back on track after working most days during the Christmas holiday on a major issue at work.  Got things resolved and working smoothly so things are good

Have to admit that I am burned out with the NFL and the Superbowl this year.   I will be watching, but don’t care one way or the other who wins.   And I am going out of my way to avoid all media hype.   I never really cared about media day (even when the Giants were playing in the Super Bowl).   I’m tired of the same old interviews year after year with old time players.  Nobody even talks about the game any more.  Its all about who can come up with some story that is irrelevant and get the most viewers or people to tweet about it.   Wake me up at 6:20 on Sunday for kick-off.

I think Mike Francesa sums things up well

Not much new in the world of Television for me.    No new shows have gotten me that exited.  The only show that I liked was A to Z and it was cancelled 1/2 through the season.  It actually got better as the season went on, and had some potential.   Go back an look at some of the early seasons of shows like Seinfeld and Friends.  Took a while for the writers to get a feel of show.  Also usually some characters get cut and some new ones get added or have bigger roles.  Would have like to see where this could have went.

Still watching CSI and it is still one of the best shows out there.   As far as comedy,   The Middle is one of the best, along with Modern Family which is still very funny.

Only a few weeks away from both Survivor and The Amazing Race.   Really looking forward to spending Wednesdays and Fridays with family watching.

And right after that is when Pitcher and Catchers report to spring training.   Actually think the New York Mets may be good this year (despite Terry Collins).   He needs a fast start or he will be watching from afar when the Mets make their play-off run

And last, please say a prayer to my Uncle George (Red) Morgan who passed away this morning.    He was a kind and gentle man and will be missed.

Average Andy

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Happy New Year

Been crazy at work.   Infrastructure doesn’t care what time or day it is and when it decides not to work, somebody needs to do the troubleshooting to try and fix things.   Kind of put a dent in my Christmas vacation as I ended up working most of the past week.   Hoping for some kind of resolution so I can enjoy some days of for the New Year Holiday

Want to congratulate Natalie Anderson for winning Survivor.   She played a great game and deserved to win.

And want to congratulate Amy and Maya for winning the Amazing Race.  Still one of the best shows on TV.   Was great getting to watch it (as well as Survivor) with my 14 year old daughter who is becoming a bigger fan than me.

Will write more next week when things calm down and I have some free time

Wishing you all the best and a safe and happy New Year

Average Andy

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